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News from Our Pretty Perch

If autumn isn’t your favorite season, it’s because you haven’t experienced it in the Hudson Valley. We are blessed with bountiful apple orchards and fields dotted with plump pumpkins, wineries, quaint villages ideal for strolling and shopping, and the Appalachian Trail for those who enjoy a hike. And that’s not even mentioning the spectacular beauty of these brilliantly colored leaves! Really, it takes your breath away.

There are beautiful vistas everywhere. Take a 30-minute ride from our front porch to West Point for magnificent overlooks or walk the Walkway over the Hudson, another ideal day trip. And to think we’re just 1.5 hours from midtown Manhattan or Connecticut and just over the border from northern NJ…you can truly step into another world.

Here at the Inn we’re enjoying the goodness of the season. Our breakfasts are infused with cinnamon, nutmeg and warm spices and the cider is delicious. We’re now serving pumpkin scones, which are a huge hit with our guests. The fireplaces are at the ready to take the chill out of the crisp morning air. All that’s missing is you!

We hope you’ll visit us this season and take in all of the autumn splendor. Please let us know if you have questions about our weekend or mid-week packages and pricing. And, it’s not too early to think about holiday plans.

All the best of the Season!

Nancy Driscoll


Peach Grove Inn

Hustle and Bustle

Hello and welcome to Peach Grove Inn! We have been hustling and bustling since we took ownership in December of 2013.

A movie titled The Inherited was filmed at the inn during April – it will premiere next year. During the last few weeks we have settled back in.

We are looking forward to our upcoming guests’ arrival. Our guests originate from many places, including the tri-state area all the way to California, Texas, Toronto and Sweden.

Warwick is a fantastic place to spend a few days or the weekend to recharge and re-energize your body and spirit… there are many wonderful places to visit, cozy restaurants and outdoor cafes to enjoy, as well as exciting activities to take part in. Please visit our Explore the Hudson Valley page and start planning your visit.

We hope to see you soon!